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Sewer Camera Inspections


Every house has a sewer line or a septic system. It is important that these be inspected. Many homeowners have no idea in what condition their sewer line is actually in. As long as the water drains away little thought is put into this system.


Construction, trees and earthquakes can all impact this drain sewer system and while tree roots are common, breaks and separations can present problems.


Cracking driveways or foundations, extra-green patches of grass and constant sewer line backups is an indication for further investigation and evaluation.


An owner is responsible for the entire sewer line system all the way to and including the connection at the main city line. These city main lines are usually under the street and whether breaks occur here or under a driveway, repairs can be costly.


Old and new homes alike need sewer line inspections. Many older homes have not had the sewer line inspection updated and some types of piping in sewer lines installed before the 70’s would be nearing or at the end of their expected life. Newer homes in older neighborhoods often connect the sewer lines to older lines on the property. Sometimes this works and sometimes it does not.


Additionally, the City of Los Angeles is requiring homeowners to upgrade/replace any concrete sewer lines in use in the system if major changes are made. As the lines are all buried the only way to know if, and how much concrete piping is in use in the system.

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