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Our electrical inspection provides a thorough visual examination of your entire electrical system, ensuring all visible electrical wires, outlets, light switches, components, such as appliances in your home, meet safety standards. Upon completion of your electrical home inspection we will provide a detailed, prioritized, checklist including areas in need of immediate attention, recommendations for improvements, and potential upgrade possibilities.


The Electrical Safety Foundation recommends electrical home inspections:


  • When purchasing a home.

  • When a home is 40 years or older.

  • When adding an appliance.

  • When a home has had a major renovation


An electrical home inspection is important for the safety of your family and home, offering peace of mind by: 


  • Ensuring the safe operation of electrical components in your home.

  • Identifying electrical mistakes or defects.

  • Recognizing outdated wiring such as aluminum or knob and tube.

  • Spotting oversized fuses or breakers that could lead to fire.

  • Letting you know the electrical in a new home is safe before you purchase it.

An electrical home inspection from Quality Care covers:

  • Switch and wall outlet operation and condition.

  • Shock or electrocution hazards.

  • Test and verification of the proper placement of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

  • Inspection of the electrical panel for appropiate labels, amps, and operation.

  • A detailed, prioritized report on all areas of attention concerning the electrical system of your home.




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